Copyright of any article submitted to our journals will be retained by the author(s) under the Creative Commons license, which allows unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction provided the original work is properly cited.

Rights Granted to Author

Copyright of the submitted article will be retained with Author.
Author will also retain patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights for his submission.

Rights Granted to the Publisher
For all open access articles published in our journal,  The publisher is granted with the following rights-
The exclusive right to publish and distribute an article, and have rights to share including for commercial purposes too.
The article can be used on social media for promotion even after publication.

*****The journal and its editorial Board members  will not be liable for any copyright infringement by any author.

Plagiarism Policy/ Publication Ethics
At Transatlantic Journal of Rural Research (TJRR) we strive to maintain the highest standards of publication ethics and take  necessary actions against all forms of publication malpractices. We believes that ethical publishing requires the active participation of all parties involved in the publication process  – the authors, reviewers, editors, and publisher.
Plagiarism is a very serious academic crime. We have zero tolerance for plagiarism here.

What constitute plagiarism
It involves the criminal copying of ideas, text, data and other creative work (e.g. tables, figures and graphs) and presenting it as original research without proper citation. Here  a paper is said  to be plagiarized  an author  reproduces another work with at least 25% similarity index without proper citation.

Policy on misconduct
Once an allegation is made, we start by evaluating the allegation and seek to understand clearly the type of ethical issue that is alleged (fraud, authorship misidentification, plagiarism, etc).
In the event of suspected case of plagiarism or breach of any other research misconduct, the author(s) will be offered a chance to defend their claims.
If their arguments are found to lack substance, the journal reserves the right to reject/retract or withdraw the paper by deleting it from our site. As a way of punishment, we shall  decline further submissions from the offending author(s) for a period of up to four  years.

Authors should assure that the piece of knowledge the wish to publish with us is original copy and have not been published anywhere earlier and is not in consideration for publication anywhere else because the editor, the journal (TJRR) or the publisher will not be liable for any act of  misrepresentation, plagiarism  or any breach of ethical standards of publication found in any submitted paper.

We do not have control over works indexed in repository agencies. We shall not be hold liable for continual circulation of such work