Instruction for Authors

Transatlantic Journals  are  open access multidisciplinary Journal with broad objective of publishing original research articles in varied disciplines especially sociology, agriculture and health, geography, history, law and education.

The Journal welcomes the submission of original manuscripts that meet the normal standards of significance and scientific excellence. The submitting author takes responsibility for the paper throughout submission and peer review process.

The journal is licensed under CC By 4 and is open access. Copyright is with author however we are allowed to hold publishing rights without restrictions.

No submission Fee
Transatlantic journal are open access journal as such it is free to access, read and print. We do not charge submission fees.

Terms of Submission

Papers must be submitted on the notion that they have not been published elsewhere (except in the form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture, review, or thesis) and are presently not under submitted to another journal.

Review Process

All manuscripts shall be subject to blind peer review by subject matter experts. Decisions on whether to publish a paper are based solely on our editors, who are guided by the strength of the reviewer’s comments

Originality and Plagiarism

Authors should ensure that they submit only exclusively original works and must   appropriately acknowledge source of information.

All forms of plagiarism are unacceptable in this platform because plagiarism is unethical and constitute a criminal behavior.

Manuscript format

Manuscripts which do not fall within the scope of the journal or comply with the requirements set out above or our Manuscript Preparation Format may be returned to the author prior to the revision for correction.

Title and Authorship Information

Must be brief  phrase  (capitalize first letter of each word in the title) describing the contents of the paper.

The Title Page should include the following 1) authors’ full names and affiliations, 2) the name of the corresponding author with e-mail information.


All manuscripts should not exceed 120-250 words and should describe the scope, problem  statement and the main findings. No literature should be cited.


Key words (3-5 words) should be provided below the Abstract.  This makes assist with indexing easy.


In this section authors should include full background information, statement of the problem, the relevant literature on the subject, and the proposed approach or solution.

Materials and Methods

This should be comprehensive enough to provide adequate detail to allow the work to be repeated by others if it is experimental research.


Results should be presented in a coherent order in the text, tables and figures.


The discussion should reflect the results in relation to any stated and place the study in the context of other work. Results and Discussion sections can be combined.



Here  people, grants, funds should be dully acknowledged


Only APA referencing form is accepted in our Journals.

Authors should assure that any  information they are submitting for publishing consideration with us is original copy and have not been published anywhere earlier and is not in consideration for publication anywhere else because the editor, the journal (TJRR) or the publisher will not be liable for any act of  misrepresentation, plagiarism  or any breach of ethical standards of publication found in any submitted paper.

Manuscript Submission

All submission must be on MS word and should be sent through email

Submission Deadline: at any time

Journal Email : [email protected]