Vol.1, No.1, 2019 (TJRR)

Transatlantic Journal of Rural Research(TJRR)

Vol.1, No.1, 2019


There and Back Again How Labour Mobility Impacts Community Development in Source Communities

Joshua Barrett

Revisiting the Sociological Theories of Poverty: Conceptualizing a Framework for Rural Poverty in the Philippines
Calyd T. Cerio

Knowledge Of Malaria Transmission Modes, Preventive Methods And Practices Among Rural Community Dwellers In South-Western Nigeria
Julius Ajayi, Aminu

Climate Change Perception And Divers Of Forest Reserve Degradation In Nigeria: Experience From Doma forest Reserve Communities In Nasarawa State Nigeria
Soulé Moussa, Nsofor, G.N, Okhimamhe,A.A